When you consider the plethora of cooking and home improvement shows that are on HGTV and the Food Network, it’s no surprise that everyone wants a gourmet kitchen! That said, you might wonder what options are in a gourmet kitchen today and what upgrades might you consider that would add value to your home? We hope to answer that question by examining three areas where our clients have been investing their hard earned money recently with builders and contractors.


Most people know that dual wall ovens are all the rage these days, but did you know that the newer ones can be connected to an app on your mobile device and pre-heated or even controlled to cook in several phases from “searing” to “slow roast” within one cook cycle? In effect, you never have to leave your couch after placing your meal in the oven and can even check status remotely.

Some options that our client have chosen in this area include:

Note: Remember that these new features are cutting edge, which have a higher likelihood to need repair, so make sure to consider a home warranty when buying them at a builder’s design center or your local home improvement store.

Sinks and Faucets

Over the last 20 years, we have seen ceramic and stainless steel, small pocket and large undercounter sinks, plus a whole variety of two hole and three hole options. With all those options, it easy to get lost, but recently a new trend has emerged with our clients, square edge, sinks.

Kraus’ KHU-100-32 stainless steel, single basin sink (pictured here) is a popular choice in luxury homes as it goes with the newer designs in kitchen architecture. And unlike the sinks of yesterday, it CAN be cleaned easy!

In kitchen faucet technology, the current leader in the space is Moen U Faucets, which allow you to integrate with your Alexa or Google Home Device and control specific functions. Tasks as mundane as “fill the dog bowl” or “give me one cup of 100 degree water” can be sent to your faucet, and with a wave of your hand, it will dispense water as you have requested. We actually own one of the products and it’s amazing how many different ways you can ask to have water dispensed!


Since the late 90’s, we have seen granite become ubiquitous in many homes, and consequently its cost has fallen to a level where its affordable. We have also seen a resurgence of laminate because of the relative ease of creating looks with it that are both affordable and simple to manufacture.

In our client homes, we are seeing more cultured marble. As a lesser expensive alternative to granite that looks great, we are seeing more high end builders integrating it into their luxury packages. As a low maintenance product that doesn’t require the sealing and cleaning of granite, it’s a durable option.

Other countertop options include stainless steel, quartz and wood, with each having positives and minuses in their implementations, mostly around durability and ability to clean.

What Should You Invest In for Your Kitchen?

This question is subjective based upon what you like to do when you are in the kitchen. If you like to bake, or prepare large family meals, than the convenience of a faucet that can be controlled by voice might be a great option. Conversely, if you enjoy preparing meats and dishes that require easy cleanup, then a quartz countertop or stainless steel sink might be a consideration.

In the end, when you consider that the average American spends over 1.5 hours per day preparing and eating food, it’s important to structure a space that you enjoy being within. If you need help with planning a space, finding a contractor, or just ensuring that you don’t choose the wrong option when upgrading your new or resale home, let us know. We are happy to help!