Are there issues with your next kitchen? An agent will know.

Over the last few weeks, I have been busy meeting potential clients who are interested in looking at rentals for a property management firm that I assist with their showings. During one of the conversations, a couple I met commented to me how little it seems that real estate agents care about rentals, and how difficult it is to get us to meet them for a showing. I told them that it was all about “commitment”.

With the proliferation of the internet, the web has turned into a virtual home tour with billions of pictures of homes available to rent and buy. With that, there are lots of inquiries for these properties. In many cases, the agent or the individual is not able to service all those requests, so the leads are “sold” to other agents, and this is where things break down.

As it is, many agents don’t do a good job of handling the inquiries and depending on their level of experience, will meet these potential clients at a home, open the door, and then not know what to do next. Beyond that, because they don’t know how to ask for the “business” (which is to work FOR YOU until you find a home), so they end up being disappointed by working with these clients. And, they stop “showing up”.

Which is where a partnership with an agent becomes valuable.

From the agent side, a good agent will ask to work with you beyond that first showing to find you a new home. This is because they are interested in building their business and investing in a relationship…not just opening a door for a commission. I know that many renters will someday become a buyer, so I work on these deals for not a lot of money because I want to be there for that client at the end of their lease. And, as long as we are working together, I will open any door you want until we find the one that meets your needs, however long that takes.

From the client side, you can make clear that you want to work with an agent to find a home, negotiate the lease, identify issues in the home prior to signature, and be there for you after you sign. Good agents are here to help, and since we aren’t paid until we find you a place that you like, we have an interest in making sure you are happy. All it takes is a commitment from you to agree to work exclusively with one of us.

So, the next time that you are looking on the internet for a home, pay attention to the people you talk to, and if you come across one that you like, seriously consider investing in the relationship. In the end, being represented by a good agent is important, and that partnership will pay dividends TODAY AND IN THE FUTURE.