With the coming hurricane expected to be impactful from SC all the way up through our area, its important to take steps now to protect your home. Here’s some simple tips you can follow to get your house ready and ensure that you aren’t affected severely by the coming storm.


Hurricane Preparation: Outdoors


  • Patio Furniture: An old adage goes, “When the winds of a change come, you never know what could be a projectile!” While this is more of a joke, outdoor items should be removed or lashed down to protect you from a costly accident.
  • Clean Drains (e.g. Basements): We could see upwards of 20 inches of rain in this area, and you want to be prepared for the drains to function normally.
  • Check Sump Pumps: Similar to the above, you don’t want your basement to flood due to a malfunctioning sump pump. If you have an issue, contact JR Snider Plumbing.
  • Fill Cars with Gasoline: You never know if you will need to move to higher ground or how far you will need to go to escape.

Hurricane Preparation: Indoors


  • Medications: Make sure you have a supply to last for at least 4 weeks as some supplies might be delayed to the pharmacy.
  • Drinking Water: A two week supply is recommended, which based upon guides would mean 7 gallons per person. Adjust according to your needs.
  • Charging Device for Phone: Your phone is critical to signaling for help in the event of an emergency. Make sure your battery isn’t dead!
  • Propane for Gas Grills: If this storm is like Hurricane Isabel in 2003, power outages were widespread for several days. Having propane will allow you to cook food from your freezer outside after the storm has passed.
  • Fill Bathtubs: Since water supplies might be turned off for a short period of time as the authorities work to keep the supplies sanitary, you may need this bathtub water to ensure you can flush your toilets.



We anticipate potential widespread power outages.  Downed trees will be a real concern as roots are really saturated from our recent rains.  Wind gusts could damage roofs and siding.

Take steps to prepare now, and then enjoy a good book when the storm is really raging outside. If you need help with finding a contractor, please reach out and we will get you connected to someone who can help.