Getting through a difficult transaction can be a lot easier when you have a partner dedicated to your success. In the case of Nicole and Brett, we had a seller who was unwilling to fix a deficiency on their home to the satisfaction of the lender and a buyer who chose a “cut-rate” lender to buy their home. It was a stressful few days as we were on the phone with lenders and contractors daily to get the issues fixed. In the end, we paid to have an issue fixed so Nicole and Brett could move into their new home. Don’t believe us, read Nicole’s take on the story:

My husband and I met Ian while looking at a few open houses and instantly knew we wanted to work with him to find our dream home (and sell the home we were occupying).  Instead of making this a ‘too long, didn’t read’ review – I will make a bulletized list of what Ian did to make our dreams come true:

– Ian was always available via phone or email.  I never waited more than a few hours to hear back from him, and even that was a lot longer than most.  He was super quick to respond to any and all questions.  

– Ian was always honest.  I am a worrier by nature and had a TON of questions about the selling / buying process.  Ian always gave us the answer we had to hear, whether it was what we wanted to hear or not.  

– Ian was the one that read my style and introduced us to the home we ended up falling in love with and buying.

– Ian’s ability to market our offer and market our home was impeccable.  And even when we were not exactly where we wanted to be financially – he helped make adjustments to get it where we needed to be.

– Ian has a lot of good connections that have proved to be invaluable.  Contractors, inspectors, mortgage lenders, settlement company…all by Ian’s recommendation – and they all were superb.  

Now, I need to point something out – our process was a nightmare, but not because of anything Ian was a part of, or could even control.  Because of him he made sure that we were taken care of as best as possible – even at the worst of times during this process.  Had it been any other realtor, I believe that we would not have sold our home in less than 36 hours and closed on our dream house in less than a month (even with the hiccups that the buyer’s lender brought to the situation).  

If you choose Ian you are choosing an honest, funny, friendly, and COMPETENT realtor.


We aren’t bragging here, however, we thought it a good story to share since difficult transactions DO happen when buying and selling a home. Knowing you have a good partner in the process is a way to ensure that you will realize your dream of home ownership and not be left wishing you had chosen a different partner.

We are happy to share references if you are considering other realtors. Make sure to ask when we meet!