According to a recent update from Metro and the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority, the Loudoun portion of the Metro system will open in early 2022. The stations are all complete, the parking lots are ready for commuters and the tracks are powered to support the first regular train service to Loudoun since the late 1950’s!

You may wonder why we are waiting a few more months for service to start and it all comes down to official timelines and testing. There is a punchlist of items still to be reviewed and closed out related to signage, walkways, and the like. This punchlist is expected to be completed in September 2021. After that, the system has a federally mandated period of 6 months of system testing, which means that Loudoun commuters in the early morning and late evening on the Dulles Toll Road and Greenway will see trains running on the tracks for a while empty until the system is turned up.

In the meantime, Loudoun residents are flocking to the homes that are under construction around the Ashburn Station, built by Toll Brothers, NV and Ryan Homes. Prices start at $600K and are expected to go higher, due to limited inventory in Loudoun as a whole, plus the ideal proximity close to the new Metro system.

If you are ready to make a move there, let’s talk as we have been tracking this development since its approval several years ago, and have a good pulse on the Loudoun market.