Paul VI High School in South Riding

Update: Info on the progress of the school is located on the Paul VI Facebook Page. We have updated pictures below to show progress as well.

As a Alumni of Paul VI High School, I was excited to hear that they are moving the school to Loudoun County to allow more students to receive a Catholic education. Like many folks, I had a lot of questions about when they would be opening, etc. To that end, I was able to find information on the Arlington Diocese website and I am reprinting some of the answers to questions here:

Q: Why relocate Paul VI High School to Loudoun County?
A: Bishop Loverde and diocesan officials, in consultation with pastors, parishioners, school focus groups, and national consultants, have been studying various aspects of the state of Catholic education in the diocese and considering how best to ensure its future. Major considerations have included demographic patterns and projections; elementary and secondary school enrollment trends; best instructional practices; and the cost of maintenance, repair, and renovation of existing facilities. The diocese determined that the facilities at the current Paul VI campus in Fairfax are being used to their maximum potential and will be unable to meet the educational needs of students for the long-term. The 80-year-old facility, previously occupied by Fairfax High School and George Mason University, has required substantial repair since its acquisition by the diocese in 1983. Over the past 32 years, the diocese has invested $15 million in the Fairfax campus, with the cost of maintenance and repairs rising. Retrofitting the building is cost-prohibitive, and site expansion is not possible.

Q: Why South Riding?
A: Since Paul VI was established in 1983, the population of the diocese has dramatically grown in the region west of the campus: currently, 92,000 Catholics live in western Fairfax County and Loudoun County, currently the fastest-growing county in Virginia. Demographic projections signaled continued population growth, so the diocese acquired several properties in anticipation of serving its members well into the future. This included a 68-acre parcel of land in South Riding, just over the border of Fairfax County. Because the site is accessible to students in two of the most populous regions in the diocese, the diocese determined that it would best be used as a high school that could serve as many students as possible.

Q: What is the expected timeline for the construction and opening of Paul VI’s new campus in South Riding?
A: The projected opening is Fall 2020. A four-year timeline has been allocated for the process, including the selection of the architectural and engineering firm by a diocesan building committee and consultation with members of the PVI faculty, staff, student body, administration, and the Board of Governors.

The balance of the document is here.

Looking for a Home Near the New PVI?

Since I know that some parents would like to “get ahead of the curve” and start to look for a home in close proximity to the school, I have also assembled a search below for properties in the area.

If you are looking for a new community with lots of recreation and other opportunities, check out Willowsford, a new community with homes from a variety of builders.

Also, as an added benefit to working with me, I will donate $250 from each purchase transaction to the school whenever a buyer of a home mentions that they are moving to the area for PVI!

As more information becomes available, I will add it to this page, so be sure to bookmark it to stay up to date on the real estate around the area, as I fully expect property values to go up around the new school as things progress.

Paul VI Academic Program

Paul VI Catholic High School offers a rigorous curriculum designed to prepare students to meet the requirements of leading colleges and universities.  It is recommended that students develop a program which includes the specific requirement of the college of his/her choice. Grades, strength of schedule, SAT scores, and recommendations are important for college entrance and PVI prepares the future college student though a strong curriculum of classes. More information about the school’s academics can be found on the PVI Website.

Admissions (from the PVI Website)

Paul VI Catholic High School is a vibrant community where every student and family instantly feels a sense of belonging and every student is treated with the same dignity and respect. Our devoted faculty and staff is committed to providing your child with a superior 21st century education in a traditional Catholic environment.

You are invited to call and arrange a private tour and meeting. This will afford you the opportunity to witness first hand the excitement and enthusiasm of both our students and teachers. Paul VI Catholic High School is structured to meet the needs of students of various abilities and is devoted to making certain that every student has the opportunity to grow in all aspects of his/her development.

More Information can be found on the PVI Website.