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It’s Hard to Imagine…
It's hard to imagine what more Ian could have done for my wife and I throughout our home buying process. Ian was our realtor for the brand new home we just bought. He had us prepared every step along the way. He maintained dialogue with the builder, the loan officer, and the title company on our behalf throughout the process. He inspected our home as it was being built to ensure the builders weren't cutting corners during construction. His knowledge is vast. His professionalism is stellar. He kept us at ease throughout what is normally a highly stressful home buying process. My wife and I are grateful to Ian for the wonderful service he provided. He performed above and beyond our expectations and I could not recommend him more highly.
Great Guy to Work With!
My wife and I first met Ian when he assisted us in renting a townhouse in Ashburn. A year later when we were ready to purchase, Ian was the only agent we wanted to work with. From our earliest conversations till the closing and beyond, Ian has been fantastic. He has a deep knowledge of the market and Loudoun County, always quick to share insight and guide us towards the best listings that matched our criteria. The whole process around home buying can be intimidating, especially for new buyers, but Ian was there each step of the way to answer all our questions, set our expectations, and worked tirelessly to make it happen. -Brian and SooHyun
Ian is a wonderful, responsive real estate professional!
When attempting to find a rental property while overseas, he put my husband and me at ease. He was extremely knowledgable about the area in which we were looking and efficient in his rental property searches. He provided many potential properties to us and worked quickly to close on the property we chose. He was also able to negotiate the price of the property lower than the listing price, as well. We cannot say enough about the positive experience we had with him. We will be working with Ian when we look to purchase a home and would highly recommend him to anyone looking to rent or buy in the northern Virginia area! Thank you for help and expertise, Ian!
Attentive and Responsive
My roommate and I searched for an affordable place to rent in the McLean, VA area and came across a property under Ian's management. We had our initial questions answered about the property via phone calls and e-mails, y'know pretty standard stuff. We thought this Ian guy was pretty cool, since he always responded attentively with meticulous detail. Shortly after, we toured the property but what personally stuck with me was Ian's attitude and business model. Realtors typically prioritize the bottom line over the best interest of the buyers/renters, yet Ian completely turned that image upside down and took a comprehensive approach to describing both the ugly and pleasant aspects of the property, the neighboring areas, internet providers, traffic patterns -- the whole nine. yards. One year has since passed, not only did Ian sell us on the place, he's also earned our trust and friendship.
We've Worked with Ian Twice!
This is the second time that Ian has assisted us with finding and securing a lease on a condo in the very crowded market of Fairfax, Virginia. Both times he has been essential to a successful outcome thanks to his grasp of both real estate law and his ability to remain calm and provide astute guidance when things seemed most difficult. He was particularly helpful with the second apartment even though it was being sold by the owner and he had no hope of a commission. His graceful exit from the transaction lest he makes us less competitive was particularly impressive. He did continue to advise us as we needed it. No question but that he will continue to be our agent of choice in the future.
Ian Hung in There When Things Got Rough!
Ian helped my family find a house to rent in McLean when we were moving on military orders from Honolulu. When we arrived at the house we rented, it wasn't ready for occupancy (last tenant's food still in kitchen, generally in an advanced state of decay). We decided not to take possession. Although we were pretty unhappy with the house, Ian stuck with us; offered to put us up in a Residence Inn and showed us several more houses, quickly finding us one we liked nearby. I'm sure we were more trouble than we were worth to him from a business point of view, but I was impressed that he took the time and helped us get straightened out. Sometimes in real estate things go poorly; my experience with Ian is that he hangs in there with you.
I definitely plan on going to Ian again!
"Ian was able to help my family and myself in an extremely fast time frame. His professionalism is beyond what we were hoping for. I definitely plan on going to Ian again."
Definitely give Ian a call for any buying or selling needs!
"Ian is a true professional, and is always willing to go above and beyond to help, as he is very passionate about what he does. He's been very active in the local community, including previously being a local business owner, so he's always staying "in the know" with regard to all local/regional information. The real estate and mortgage information he shares when meeting with you and online is a testament to his knowledge and his desire to educate and support his clients to the fullest. Definitely give Ian a call for any buying or selling needs!"
You need Ian Bush as your Realtor!
"If you are after someone that knows the area, can run you through all the process landmines, will respond to your inquiries quickly, and can get you the best price possible, then you need Ian Bush as a realtor."
He is in a class by himself!
"I have purchased many homes in my lifetime and worked with several realtors. Still, at this stage of my life, putting my life savings into what may be my last home was difficult. Fortunately, I found Mr. Bush. I have never worked with a more competent, efficient, compassionate, patient (I could go on) realtor. He is in a class by himself. I was comfortable placing my total trust in his guidance and he took care of me every step of the way. He is a great realtor, knowledgable about the area and a wonderful person."
If you make the choice to have Ian represent you, you'll have a vested advocate at your side
"Recently my wife and I were on the hunt for the not so typical home. Our must have list was very particular to say the least. What's more, we didn't want a large home. Putting all this together, Ian had quite the task ahead of him. Ian exercised a great deal of patience with our persnickety wants and eventually found us more than one home that suited our needs that we could evaluate and choose from. Ian is dedicated and diligent. I've recommended him to a few close friends thus far and will continue to do so. If you make the choice to have Ian represent you, you'll have a vested advocate at your side."
I am comfortable placing my total trust in his guidance!
"Having lived in many places and owned around the United States and many other countries and being of advanced age I have decided to settle down put my life savings into what may be my last home. After interviewing many housing specialists I decided to let Mr. Bush do all the hard work on my behalf. I provided him with the specifications I was looking for and within a few days had more than a handful of results to show me. Mr. Bush has been a competent, efficient, compassionate and patient realtor. My needs are very unusual and I can be a handful to deal with and he is handling it great. I am comfortable placing my total trust in his guidance and he is taking care of me every step of the way."

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