Ian Bush – Your Guide to a Low-Stress Real Estate Journey

Ian Bush understands how stressful real estate transactions can be. After all, in many cases, buying or selling a house is the largest financial and emotional transaction anyone ever experiences. Talk about stress!

“That’s why I do everything I can to make my clients feel at ease,” says Ian, the head of Ian Bush Homes, serving Loudoun and Fairfax Counties.

In addition to his calming attitude you’ll notice when you meet him, Ian’s knowledge and competence are key to removing stress from the real estate equation..

He was born and raised in Northern Virginia. He knows the neighborhoods. He knows the communities. He knows where his buyers will feel at home. He also knows where and how to market the homes and the neighborhoods where they’re located.

His knowledge extends far beyond geography. He has become a master of the rules and regulations governing real estate transactions. His deals don’t fall through because “mistakes were made” – Ian makes sure that doesn’t happen. Also, he has trained with an appraiser to value houses, so his listings are sold at the right price for the market, and his buyers don’t over-pay.

His competence shows in his superior negotiating skills. His responsiveness to his clients’ needs. His focus on putting his clients’ priorities first. His being able to turn problems that arise into new opportunities.

He takes the stress off his client’s shoulders and puts it on his own.

When he wants to relieve his own stress, Ian, his wife MayLee and his son Xander head for the beaches of Kiawah Island, SC or to Disney. “My wife and I love Disney, so we usually go there two or three times a year.” Ian adds, “There’s no better way to relieve stress than to be treated with the same type of attitude, knowledge and competence I provide my clients.”

If you’re looking for a real estate agent who can take the stress off you and will treat your real estate journey with the right attitude, knowledge and competence, call or text Ian at (703) 424-3991.